Our Services

MENTOR Adult Day Health offers a continuum of services and supports for elders, including those with complex medical or rehabilitative needs. Our services help those we serve feel their best and be as active as they would like to be. Our caring staff work with each participant to create an individualized Plan of Care that fits their needs and interests. For one adult, this may mean help managing an illness such as diabetes. For another, it may mean social activities, help with medications and meals tailored to their special dietary needs. Depending on each person’s unique needs, the care plan may include services such as nursing care, social activities, healthy, delicious meals, and transportation to and from their local center.

Explore Our Services

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Nursing and Medical Oversight

Nurses monitor the daily health of our participants so they can feel their best and be as active and independent as possible.

Case Management

Our experienced Case Coordinators manage all of a participant’s services to ensure that their plan of care is being followed and their medical, social and other needs are being met.

Recreation and Social Activities

Adults who come to our centers can choose from a wide range of group activities that reflect their interests and cultural heritage and help them to make friends.

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Daily Living Assistance

Staff at our centers provide personalized support to participants so they can remain as active and independent as possible.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

To help participants feel their best each day, our centers provide healthy, delicious meals and snacks.


Our therapists provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to help participants keep or regain skills such as mobility and language.

Behavioral Health Services

To help participants deal with behavioral health challenges, we offer a wide range of therapy services including counseling and music and art therapy.


Our centers provide convenient transportation to and from our centers in wheelchair-accessible vehicles.