Program Benefits

adult day health

At MENTOR Adult Day Health, we know that a person’s quality of life isn’t just about their physical health. Our services are designed to help the people we serve thrive physically, emotionally and socially. With services tailored to each person’s unique needs, we enable elders and other individuals with medical or rehabilitative challenges to maintain full, independent lives in the community they call home.

Improved Well-Being

Caring staff provide daily care for chronic illnesses, mobility challenges and physical and behavioral needs so participants can feel their best and remain active.

A Sense of Community

From daily exercise classes to games, holiday celebrations and community outings, participants become part of a vibrant community at their local center. And because our locations operate as cultural community centers, participants benefit from friendships and activities rooted in their culture of origin.

Peace of Mind

Participants and their family members benefit from peace of mind, knowing they have the support of staff committed to their well-being. Our staff are here to help with any need, from medical and rehabilitative services, to transportation to and from our centers, to help with daily living tasks. We’re here to support them in living rich, full lives in the community.

Cost-Effective Services

DancingOur programs are a cost-effective alternative to higher levels of care such as nursing facilities. Adult Day Health services not only allow participants to remain active and engaged in their communities, but they are also more cost efficient than other models of care.

According to the Elder Economic Security Initiative at the University of Massachusetts Gerontology Institute, elders in Massachusetts using Adult Day Health services spend $10,000 less each year on community-based long-term care costs as compared to elders with similar needs using other forms of care. In addition, according to a study* by the Lewin Group, approximately 36% of Adult Day Health participants would likely be admitted to nursing homes within one year if Adult Day Health programs closed.

*”Projected Economic Impact of Eliminating California ADH,” Lewin Group