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Regina Overcomes Loss and Embraces Life

A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Regina has lived in the Boston area since 1992, when she and her family arrived in the United States. Three years ago, she started attending Zabota Adult Day Health Center in Allston, Massachusetts. She had been dealing with health problems, and she worried that her children would have to help her with daily living.

At the center, Regina found a circle of support not just for her medical needs but all the challenges she was having: getting older, worrying about not being independent, and needing more social interaction.

A Circle of Friendship and Support

Shortly after she began attending Zabota, Regina’s husband passed away, and everything changed. Because of her grief, it was difficult to socialize and enjoy her normal activities. She found herself withdrawing. But thanks to the community at Zabota, she didn’t have to grieve alone. The staff and her new friends at the center stepped in to help her deal with her grief, providing companionship and a shoulder to cry on. They helped her see that she was not alone.

“I get a lot of emotional support here. I’ve made some good friends at Zabota that I look forward to seeing. We always have a good time.” – Regina

Feeling More Independent

Regina enjoys the vibrant community at Zabota, where she never worries about being bored. She joins in the morning exercise classes as well as playing board games, going for walks and singing in the center’s choir. She’s able to relax and have fun visiting with her friends because of the security provided by daily medical supervision from the center’s nurses. She can also count on the staff for transportation to shopping and medical appointments, which helps her to feel more independent.

“This center helped me make it through the hard times in my life. I used to feel very lonely, and I was afraid to become a burden to my children. I feel more independent now for sure,” Regina says.