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Lucienne Gets Active and Makes New Friends


Lucienne likes being out in the community, where she can be busy and enjoy the company of others. Originally from Haiti, she’s a mother of two and grandmother of five and has been married for 26 years. She spends her days at Greater Boston Adult Day Health Center Kay Pam in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She’s benefited from the friendships she’s made there and from the wealth of activities available each day.

“Staying home alone is not fun at all. When I come here I don’t just sit and do nothing. I always find some kind of activity to participate in.” – Lucienne

Feeling Her Best

An important part of Lucienne’s day at the center is daily exercise. She says that joining in the morning exercise class as well as dance and walking therapy sessions have helped improve her health so that she can participate in other activities, such as singing in the Kay Pam choir, playing games and making crafts.

The center’s staff have also played a big part in helping her feel her best, both physically and mentally. They have helped her improve her diet and eating habits so she can keep medical symptoms in check. They are always available with a listening ear on days when it’s hard to stay positive.

“One day, I came to the program with a discouraged mind. I approached one of the staff, and they talked with me in a respectful way,” Lucienne says. “The staff are very respectful, caring, loving.”

Looking Forward to Each New Day

Each day, Lucienne comes to the center with a sense of excitement. The friendly staff welcome her when she gets out of the car, and she looks forward to the burst of energy she’ll feel after her exercise. When she finally sits down to crochet or play bingo, she’s where she likes to be—at the busy center, enjoying the company of her neighbors.

“Life has been better for me, especially with my social life. I get to meet more people and make new friends,” Lucienne says.