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Delia Lives Life to the Fullest


Delia likes to be active. But like many adults, as she got older she developed a number of health problems. Suddenly she was not able to participate in the activities she loves, such as painting, working with plants, and socializing with her neighbors. Managing her health all on her own was difficult, and she worried about being hospitalized. But when she came to Oasis Adult Day Health Center, this all began to change.

“The program has people who help us feel better and improve our health without going to the hospital. My nurse has helped me overcome some of my fears and concerns.” – Delia

Regaining Her Independence

Because Delia was worried about going to the hospital or a nursing home, the staff at Oasis worked with her to improve well-being in many areas of her life. Exercise classes, healthy meals and help with medications made her feel better and laid the groundwork for better overall health. As she regained some of her independence and stopped worrying about being hospitalized, she began enjoying life again.

At Oasis, Delia has been able to get back to some of her old hobbies as well as exploring new ones. She can be found taking exercise classes and yoga, making crafts and dancing, activities she would not have thought possible before. Delia, who hails from Puerto Rico, benefits from the help of the center’s bilingual staff, who provide special meals and activities that help keep her rooted in her home culture.

Discovering New Possibilities

Since coming to Oasis, Delia has also made many friends who have helped her open up to new possibilities in life. She also has a support network of people who understand her daily challenges and are always there to provide a listening ear.

“The friendships I’ve found have made my life happier than before and helped me to think more positive,” Delia says.